Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Georgia Sea island Songs

This week's lp is recordings made in the Georgia sea island by Alan Lomax of both religious and secular traditionnal songs. You'll have to read the liner notes that i provide in the zip file to learn about these ancient black traditions that remained for so long  in these island and you'll know how wonderful these performances are by listening to it. In a way it reminds me a lot of another group singing, those of the Bahamas islands from which Joseph Spence comes from.
You can hear the same performers in many other recordings by Aln Lomax, notably in the Southern Journey cd series.
(zip file of the vinyl rip cut in mp3 tracks with pictures of the record sleeves and inside liner notes with the lyrics of the songs)


Bernie Stocks said...

Great stuff - looking forward to this! Bernie

Wild Man Mikey said...

I've been enjoying The Old Weird America since you started it, have just discovered this blog too! My evening looks brighter already :-) Thanks for the terrific sounds!

Gregory Peccary, N.G.W.S. said...

This is so fantastic. Thank you.

ole Fellah said...

Thanks for this, lovely stuff.

I was lucky to attend a 'talk' by Shirley Collins a few years ago, where she read from her original diary of her trip to the islands with A. Lomax, it was spell binding.

Anonymous said...

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