Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sam Chatmon

Here's a very good country blues record by Sam Chatmon, recorded in the seventies, at the end of his career. To me he really is one of the great blues patriarchs. (There's not so many blues artists who grew a beard like Sam when he got old, and it looks great...)http://www.mediafire.com/file/nayyweuhwjz/Blues when it rains.zip

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ernie & Emilio Caceres

On this blog, i want to share with you some records that are hard to find or have never been reissued on cd, and i'll start right now with a beautiful picture disc, 10-inch record of two brothers:Ernie and Emilio Caceres. Ernie played tenor sax and clarinet and his brother the violin. They played hot swing tunes, were sidemen of many famous jazz performers and if you want to know more, just google their names... Let's talk about the record in itself. It was released by the french record company "Paris Jazz Corner" who also released a Robert Johnson picture disc. The two records feature a drawning of the musicians by Robert Crumb, the famous cartoonist and lover of vintage records. If you can find those records, buy them, it's great items.
P.S: The track "Dark eyes"(Les yeux noirs) don't appear on that record, i just found it on the internet and it features the superbe violin of Emilio...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mike Seeger-Old-time Banjo Styles

Mike Seeger is one of my favorite old-time revivalist. For more than 40 years he promotes american traditionnal music through his recordings with The New Lost City Ramblers, alone or with other peoples, field recordings and instructionnal material. Today's post will be the audio part of his instructionnal dvds devoted to the banjo. He made 4 dvds for Homespun Tapes, one called "Old-time Banjo Styles" and 3 others in a serie called "Southern Banjo Styles". I recorded the audio of the pieces played on these dvds with audiohijack to play them on Itunes. For anyone interested in the many styles the banjo was played in the appalachian and in the south, this material is the best way to learn it and Mike Seeger teaches all the little details of the right and left hand to play in an authentic way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Jacob Niles

If you never heard the music of John Jacob Niles be prepared to meet a very personnal and eccentric singer, who devoted all his repertoire to the folk and traditionnal songs of the british isles and the United States. He sang Child ballads, carols and Appalachian folk songs like no one else, with his voice going from low to high all the time and living and acting the story of the songs like an opera singer... The other weird aspect is that on all his songs he would play a kind of big  dulcimer that adds to the strangeness of his renditions. In all, it can take a little time to appreciate but to my opinion he was one of the most intense and dramatic singer of all times and he should be better known. http://www.mediafire.com/?5zndqmtbmdl

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rosa Eskenazy

Rosa Eskenazy is one of the best female singer of Rebetiko, the music of the Greek underground...
This recordings were made late in her career, in the 1950's in Istanbul. It's not the regular bouzouki sound of Rebetiko but in the more orchestred style, with oud, violin, percussion, etc... Enjoy

Jean Bosco Mwenda

I''ll start right now by sharing with you a few tracks from Jean Bosco Mwenda, a congolese guitarist that i like very much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog... This place will be devoted to all the kinds of music  i love and learned to love over the years, mostly  traditionnal and folk music from all over the world, but especially music that was recorded in North America over the last century. I should say that i'm a french guy of 33 years old so i discovered all this music almost always from records and i fell in love with all this strange and exotic sounds, recorded long before i was born.I decided to write in english even if it's not my language so more people from all over the world can read me, so be indulgent if i make mistakes...And since most of the music i love and the knowledge i had about it was in english, it felt natural for me to do so...
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