Monday, November 30, 2009

Jean Ritchie- Elektra LP

This is one of the oldest Jean Ritchie lp, issued by Elektra Records in the 1950's. Coming from a very musical family from Viper, Kentucky, Jean Ritchie came to New York to study in the 1950's and introduced many people there to the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains. With her sweet voice and gentle dulcimer playing, many fell in love with this type of music and the great folk revival was on his way... On this lp, her very first recordings, she sings her usual repertoire of old ballads, play-party songs and dulcimer pieces. It includes her most popular pieces like Shady Grove, The Cuckoo (2 versions here) or Black is the color...
Enjoy! (this lp is more than 50 years old so it includes a few clicks, pops and crackles...)