Thursday, August 26, 2010

Norman S. Edmonds-"Train on the island"

Here's an out-of-print lp issued by Davis Unlimited of Old-Time fiddler Norman S. Edmonds. People who love Harry Smith 's Anthology of American Folk Music (see my blog "The Old Weird America) may know and love already Edmonds's fiddling from the track "Train on the island", a great fiddle and banjo driving piece of music. Born in 1889 in Virginia, Edmonds recorded only a ccouple of tracks in the 1920's with banjo player J.P Nestor, but appeared in many fiddler's conventions in Virginia and North Carolina, often with his band called The Old-timers. He was a genuine old-time fiddler, playing in the archaic style of the mountains and with driving rhythm, the old traditional dance tunes.
-You can hear other performances from Edmonds on a cd released by the Field Recorder' Collective label.
-Go to the Old-time fiddlers Hall of fame page to read a more extensive biography of Edmonds.
Track list:
01-Walking in the parlor
02-Black-eyed Susie
03-Train on the island
04-Breaking up Christmas
05-Lucy Neil
06-Hawks and Eagles
07-Cricket on the earth
08-Ships in the clouds
09-Angeline the Baker
10-Pretty little girl
11-Old Cotton-eyed Joe
12-Chinquapin Hunting
Download here (I didn't took pictures of the lp cover this time because the lp folder I have is totally black, whitout any informations, except for the tracks's name)


Hi there, just to let you know that i'll continue posting here as well as on my other blogs... And i may have another project/blog coming on as soon as i'll find time to work on it....A new post is on the way, a lp of old-time fiddler Norman Edmonds (the one who plays on "Train on the island"on the Harry Smith Anthology)...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New blog's coming...

Hello everyone, i wanted to let you know that there won't be other posts here because i'm thinking about a new place to post some music and research as well as some out-of-print lps like i've done here. I'm getting tired of working on three different blogs and it's time to have one unique place to write and share some of my interests.
So thanks to all and see you soon...