Sunday, February 6, 2011

New home and name for this blog

Dear readers and listeners of this blog,
I moved all the content of this blog to a new adress on Wordpress. The reason for this is that i already have my two other blogs there (Old weird America & The World's Jukebox) and i feel blogging is easier and more functional there. I took the opportunity to give the new adress a new name also: "Cornbread, molasses & sassafras tea". I took it from an old song called "West Virginia Gals" and just love how this words sound, very old-timey i presume...The new place will probably have more diverse contents than here, with some reviews of new cds, some research about tunes and songs origins and variants and of course out-of-print records. All this depending most of all on the time I'll have to handle all this projects so be patient with me...
All the best,