Sunday, February 6, 2011

New home and name for this blog

Dear readers and listeners of this blog,
I moved all the content of this blog to a new adress on Wordpress. The reason for this is that i already have my two other blogs there (Old weird America & The World's Jukebox) and i feel blogging is easier and more functional there. I took the opportunity to give the new adress a new name also: "Cornbread, molasses & sassafras tea". I took it from an old song called "West Virginia Gals" and just love how this words sound, very old-timey i presume...The new place will probably have more diverse contents than here, with some reviews of new cds, some research about tunes and songs origins and variants and of course out-of-print records. All this depending most of all on the time I'll have to handle all this projects so be patient with me...
All the best,


Anonymous said...

When you are adding the RSS feed to your new blog then Times ARE Like They Used To Be ...... At least the feed name is !! :)

Thank you for all the hard work.

Coatesville Traditional Irish Music Series said...

My friend ... Was if difficult to transfer everything from Blogger ("Times Ain't...") to Wordpress ("Cornbread...")?

Briefly, what was involved in making the switch?

I love the media player!
Thanks for the great work you do.
Frank Dalton

Gadaya said...

Hi Frank, switching to Wordpress wasn't difficult at all. When you create a Wordpress blog there's an "import" function on the dashboard that allows you to import all the content (including the comments) from your Blogger blog to your new blog. Check it out, it's pretty easy to do...

banjoreinhard said...

Cornbread, molasses & sassafras tea
is also the name of a now rare LP recorded by Harold Hausenfluck and Abe Horton for the Heritage label XXIII.
I have this digitalised and can upload if anyone is interested.



The Irate Pirate said...

Wherever you go,
I will follow you.

Enjoy your new home!

i'm going to experiment a bit with wordpress too