Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mike Seeger-Old-time Banjo Styles

Mike Seeger is one of my favorite old-time revivalist. For more than 40 years he promotes american traditionnal music through his recordings with The New Lost City Ramblers, alone or with other peoples, field recordings and instructionnal material. Today's post will be the audio part of his instructionnal dvds devoted to the banjo. He made 4 dvds for Homespun Tapes, one called "Old-time Banjo Styles" and 3 others in a serie called "Southern Banjo Styles". I recorded the audio of the pieces played on these dvds with audiohijack to play them on Itunes. For anyone interested in the many styles the banjo was played in the appalachian and in the south, this material is the best way to learn it and Mike Seeger teaches all the little details of the right and left hand to play in an authentic way.

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Deep Creek Strings said...

Thanks for posting these recordings. I have the cd of Southern Banjo Styles and plan to get the Southern Guitar Styles recording soon. There is one Mike Seeger recording that is out of print: "Music from True Vine." Have you heard it? I'm wondering if Mercury will ever release it on cd. Oh well.

Thanks again,