Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bruce Hutton

Here's a Folkways lp from 1978, called "Old-time music-It's all around" by multi-instrumentist and old-time revivalist, Bruce Hutton . . Hutton, much like Mike Seeger (see my post of him below), devoted his  life to revisit american rural music, and  play it on a variety of folk instruments. He's a kind of perfomer/teacher who spread the good word about all this beautiful traditions. Check his perfomance at the Kennedy Center.

Here's a few tracks from this album with a pdf document containing the liner notes...


The Irate Pirate said...

Hi there!
Great, excellent, fantastic blog you've started here. I haven't been keeping mine up recently, as I've been traveling, but I just took a look in at Merlin-in-Rags and saw your comment.
Also nice to see another young person like myself getting into roots music.
Anyway, keep up the good work. I'll add a link to you on my blog. You get the full Irate Pirate "Aye" of approval.

David Horgan said...

Thanks for posting information about this Smithsonian Folkways album. Bruce continues to be involved in old time music, and thanks for linking to his website.

I would ask that you remove the link to download the entire album, as it is a copyrighted work and is available for purchase on both CD and Digital Download from as well as other outlets such as eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes. Please help support our artists and our non-profit mission by purchasing recordings from Bruce and our other artists if you enjoy the music.


David Horgan
Smithsonian Folkways

Gadaya said...

Hello David. Sorry, my aim is to post mainly things that aren't available anywhere else so i'll remove the link. Maybe i can leave just a few tracks? By the way, i'm a big fan of smithsonian folkways...