Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Joseph Spence

I've been a fan of Joseph Spence for a while and, like a lot of guitar player before me, i was really intrigued and and fascinated by his playing. So last year i was very excited to see that Stefan Grossman's guitar workshops issued a tutorial dvd of Spence's guitar style by Elijah Wald. I really enjoyed this lesson and recommend it to everyone, even to the basic fingerpickers or the country blues/folk players because it brings new ideas for the  playing in dropped D tuning, challenging rythms and, like Elijah Wald says in the video, it's so much fun to play...
On the bonus of the dvd, there's one hour of unreleased audio recordings by Spence, including some interviews. I put all the tracks on my itunes player, using the audiohijack system, and i want to share this material with you.

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The Irate Pirate said...

you must have read my mind. i was just listening to Spence, and wishing i could figure out how to play that crazy stuff. I'll probably do another spence post soon.