Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Duck Baker-The King of Bongo Bong

Today's post features one of my favorite fingerstyle guitar performer and teacher, Duck Baker. My first encounter with him was through Stefan Grossman's guitar workshop videos where you'll find many lessons by Duck. He can teach with equal ability Thelonious Monk arrangements, Irish tunes, Swing, Modern Jazz, Blues and Folk, with a style that evolved from Mississippi John Hurt and Merle Travis picking techniques.
The subtitles of this lp issued in 1977 by Kicking Mule reads "Hot tunes,pop tunes, Blues, Instrumentals and Hilarity". What more can i say? Yes, one more thing. Duck sings on most of the tunes here and i really like his singing, too bad he didn't sing anymore on his other records.
I will post more of him in the future because i feel he deserves to be more known as he's a musician with incredible taste and knowledge and really opened new perspectives to fingerstyle guitarists.
(As usual it's a basic rip from the vinyl so there's a bit of cliks and pops...)


The Irate Pirate said...

Yeah, this album is classic.

Here's Duck Baker, Dan Ar Braz, Dave Evans - Irish Reels, Jigs, Airs and Hornpipes, arranged for solo fingerpicking guitar, if you'd like it.

brokedownengine said...

very nice! good blog you've got going so far. keep up the good work friend.

J. Scott Moore said...

Cool beans! Grossman's Workshop is a great company that he put together.

kurtjohansson said...

Great album!Great blog! Thanks!!