Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paul Anastasio, Joe Holley and Frank Hicks-We Ain't Misbehavin'

Here's a superb album of fiddle swing jazz by two masters of two genrations: Paul Anastasio, the younger one, have been playing fiddle since he was 9 years old, classicaly trained first, he turned afterwards towards the world of jazz and country music, assimilating a lot of different styles, from western swing to old-time, and studied with the great Joe Venuti. The older fiddler here is Joe Holley, who was a member of Bob Wills's Texas Playboys, one of the finest western swing band ever. The guitarist who accompanies them, Frank Hicks, played with various western swing and jazz bands but also with Any Old Time String Band and Jean Ritchie. (For further informations on the musicians, you'll have to read the liner notes above).
The playing here is hot and tasteful and the dialogue between the two fiddlers is marvelous.If you like the music of Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang or Django Reihnardt and Stefane Grappelli, you'll love this record.


Nicolas said...

Hi Gadaya

Your blog is a real goldmine.
Thanks a lot !!!

Kahuna Moon said...

Thanks so much for this. You always seem to bring out some real gems.

The Irate Pirate said...

sounds great. thanks!

luthier said...

This is a great album. Do you have any other recording with Frank Hicks on guitar? His playing is amazing and I can't find too much about him on the web.