Thursday, June 4, 2009

The World's Jukebox

The World's Jukebox, my blog devoted to ethnic and regional musical from all around the world is taking a new direction. Since i started it, i would post once in a while some tracks from cd reissues of ethnic music that i loved, hoping it would give to people interested in the music the desire to eventually buy this records and learn more about the musical traditions that i find fascinating. I want now to do more than that and present entire lp records from my collection that features one country's musical traditions. I'll start by posting some volumes of a serie edited by Alan Lomax called "The World Library of Primitive and Folk Music". Issued in the 1950's and 1960's by Columbia Records, its a pioneering project to present the world's musical traditions on long playing records, with extensive liner notes. I'll try to post a new volume every week, depending on the time i have,between working on my other blog "The Old, Weird America", my job, my family and playing music... Of course, i'll continue to post from time to time Old-time, folk and Blues lps here... See you soon, and enjoy the music...


Nicolas said...

That sounds really great, Gadaya
Waiting forward to hearing your Lomax posts (I've always wanted to hear what he did in other parts of the world)

Thanks for all, and I know what it is to manage several blogs, a job and a family !

Bon courage et bravo

Unknown said...


I left a comment on your Jukebox blog yesterday and it seem to have disappeared.
Would you be kind enough to upload the following to your shared mediafire files?

Bahamas: Joseph Spence.
Haiti; Jazz masters orchestra.
Congo: Jean Bosco & Wendo.
Turkey: Masters of...
India: Turiyur...
Reunion Island: Loulou
Nigeria: Theo Iwalokun
Brazil: Jose Goncalves &...
Kenya: David Nzomo.
Iraq: Selin Daoud.
Bulgaria: Vulkana.

I love all your blogs and they have improved my collection a great deal.
I hope am not asking for too much. I know it is a lot of work and anything that you can do at your convenince would be greatly appreciated.
Let me know if you're looking for anything i may have too. I would be happy to share.


Unknown said...

BTW, the African blues is empty

Gadaya said...

Patrick, i don't understand why you want me to upload this tracks on mediafire, it seems that you can download them from the blog directly, no? And the Africa and the Blues file seeems to work for me...

Unknown said...

I must be missing something.
I'll try again. Thanks!!!!

Unknown said...

No, u cant dnld. Can only play on Real.
When you unpack the African blues, it is empty.Think it's corrupted.