Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almeda Riddle-Granny Riddle's Songs & Ballads

Readers of this blog know that i love american traditional singing and that Granny Riddle is one of the greatest traditional singer of all time. So here's another Almeda Riddle lp for you, after the one i posted last year (Go here). The previous lp was entirely devoted to the Hymns and religious songs that made a big part in Almeda's repertoire but this one includes her versions of well-known traditional ballads and songs, with also a few religious ones. So you'll hear her renditions of "Frog went a courtin", "Tom Sherman's Barroom" (known also as "The unfortunate Rake", "St James Hospital"), "Poor Wayfaring stranger", "Barbara Allen", "Texas Rangers", "The Oxford Girl", "The water is wide" etc...

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Anonymous said...

these old LPs are brilliant ...have you any music from the War of 61 ?