Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sam Chatmon

Here's a very good country blues record by Sam Chatmon, recorded in the seventies, at the end of his career. To me he really is one of the great blues patriarchs. (There's not so many blues artists who grew a beard like Sam when he got old, and it looks great...)http://www.mediafire.com/file/nayyweuhwjz/Blues when it rains.zip


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. It is indeed a hard record to find and a nice collection...some of which ended up on future Yazoo releases.

If you get a chance to snag Dick Spottswood's 15-volume Folk Music in America series, I think you'd like that as well!

And thanks very much for the link!

Anonymous said...

PS - Whoops, meant to leave this comment on your "You Can Tell the World About This" post! Though, Sam Chatmon is wonderful too, of course ;)

Gadaya said...

Thanks for your comment JW... The knowledge of your posts at Excavated Shellac always amaze me.